Thursday, June 12, 2008

FIRXT is GO! is a web search portal unlike all other web search portals.

Firxt is far more exciting and flexible, because it is a web-based vehicle for OpenSearch and Sherlock search engine plugins. This can allow users to access more specialised search services just as easily as they would access Google.

In many desktop browsers, the functionality of Firxt is provided by the browser search box. However, this feature is absent from mobile browsers, for a variety of reasons. These may include technical limitations, and phone companies protecting their 'walled gardens' for mobile search. Firxt provides its functionality in a web-based (not installed-software-based) form.

Firxt is customisable, extendable and mobile-friendly. It is released as a Beta, with more features to come in the future. The engine library will grow and be reviewed over time. It depends on your suggestions and engine submissions though! I will be posting my thoughts and info on updates here at

Enjoy your Firxt experience and let me know your thoughts!

Andy G

P.S. Also visit Firxt's sister website, DigitURL, 'Web addresses for mobile phones'.